Avondale School District
Mission Statement
The Avondale School District, will cultivate innovation, foster strong relationships, and engage ALL students in real-world experiences to inspire and empower tomorrow's leaders and responsible citizens.

Vision Statement
The Avondale School District, in partnership with the community, prepares ALL students to be lifelong learners and to achieve success in a globalized society.

Avondale Board of Education
Purpose Statement
The Avondale Board of Education will, 
through leadership, 
provide the resources to the 
Avondale Learning Community 
ensuring a quality education resulting in 
high student achievement.
August 2011

Bond Update
Avondale School District Bond Project Update
To view a timeline for Phase 1 projects click here.
As the state of public school funding continues to present challenges for school districts around the State of Michigan, it's important for parents and community members to be informed and advocate for our children.

Click on the image below and learn how you can have a voice in the decisions made by our local and state leaders that impact our children.
Avondale Board of Education
Values and Norms
Partnerships ...
Work as a team
Disagree with ideas and not with people
Are non-judgmental
Work with a positive attitude
Treat others and all situations with respect
Have fun!

Commitment ...
Participate (ex: in discussion at the table)
Be prepared and on time
Be fully engaged at meetings (ex: no sidebars)
Make decisions that are research-based and data driven
Practice ethical behavior
Follow district processes and protocols
Look at issues as a whole (being open-minded)

Communication ...
Question and inquire respectfully of other members
Listen with open minds
Ensure what one knows, we all know
Refrain from "grandstanding"
Exercise candor at all times
Terry Lang

Terry Lang

Term Expires: 12/31/22

Chip Tischer
Vice President
Term Expires: 12/31/22
Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson
Term Expires: 12/31/22

David Down

Term Expires: 12/31/22

Donearl Johnson
Wayne Kakuda

Wayne Kakuda
Term Expires: 12/31/20
Sid Lockhart

Sid Lockhart
Term Expires: 12/31/20