Bond Proposal - November 7, 2017     Click here to find out how to register, verify your registration status, or find your voting precinct. 

On November 7th, we will be asking voters to approve a $30.7 million bond proposal.

A school bond is a voter approved, lump-sum borrowed by the school district and paid back by the taxpayers over a set period of years.

Allowable uses of bond proceeds include: Constructing additions to existing school buildings, remodeling existing school buildings, energy conservation improvements, site development and improvements, playground development and improvements, school bus purchases, loose furnishings and equipment purchasing, technology purchases limited to hardware and communication devices that transmit, receive or compute information.  (The initial purchase of operating systems and customized application software is allowed if purchased with the initial hardware).  Bond proceeds may also be used for direct bond program costs including professional advisory fees, issuance costs, qualification fees, insurance fees, final audit costs, and legal fees.  Though not included within this specific bond proposal, bond proceeds may be used for athletic and physical education facility development and improvements, to acquire land, construct new school buildings, asbestos abatement, and, if net present value savings are demonstrated, to refund previously issued debt.

Unallowable uses of bond proceeds include:
epairs, maintenance, or maintenance agreements, supplies, salaries, service contracts, lease payments, installment purchase contracts, automobiles, trucks, or vans, portable classrooms purchased for temporary use, uniforms, textbooks, upgrades to an existing computer operating system or application software, computer training, computer consulting, or computer maintenance contracts
2017 Bond Initiative - $30.7 million

Requires NO increase in mils currently paid by homeowners

Impacts every Avondale school (ALL of the students, staff and buildings)

Pays for safety, security, and technology upgrades as well as infrastructure upgrades including boiler replacements and lighting replacements with three to four year returns on investment

Provides opportunity for funding to be raised locally and spent locally

Protects the community’s investment in the District, honoring OUR community’s educational priorities and values

Is an opportunity for the community to directly support our schools rather than relying on uncertain state-wide public school dollars to fund the student opportunities unique to Avondale

Ensures that necessary improvements, upgrades, and maintenance are made without impacting the operating budget that supports our classrooms (absent passage of this bond initiative, infrastructure repairs and upgrades will have to come out of the operating budget)

Allows the District to move forward with a needs list developed with staff and community input that includes:

    - Over $6 million – technology upgrades (average age of current equipment: 7 years)
    - Boiler and lighting replacements (3 – 4 year investment return)
    - Parking lots, roofs, security (includes redesign of building entryways and additional surveillance equipment)
    - $400,000 – 4 school buses
    - Redesign of AHS and AMS Media Centers to accommodate project-based learning and provide opportunities for student growth beyond the textbook - the heart of teaching and learning unique to Avondale School District that replicates the real-world workplace


Major Projects District-wide
    - Safety entry ways for all buildings
    - Technology upgrades or all buildings/students/staff
    - Lighting upgrades across all buildings
    - Carpet replacement in all building
    - Loose Equipment Allowance (furniture)

Projects by Building

    High School
        - Hydraulic Orchestra Pit
        - Conversion of Media Center to Maker Space
        - Replace Student parking Lot
        - Cafeteria Updating
        - New Boilers and Freight Elevator in Field House

    Middle School
        - Conversion of Media Center to Maker Space
        - Rebuild Track
        - Boiler Replacement

    Auburn Elementary
        - New Play structure
        - Exterior Storage Unit
        - Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades
    Deerfield Elementary
        - New Play structure
        - Exterior Storage Unit
        - Restroom Remodeling
        - Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades 

    Graham Elementary
        - New Play structure
        - Exterior Storage Unit
        - Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades

Woodland Elementary
        - New Play structure
        - Exterior Storage Unit
        - Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades 

    Meadows School
        - New Play structure
        - Exterior Storage Unit
        - Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades
        - Replace Parking Lot

    Transportation Facility
        - Construct New Transportation Office & Lounge
        - Replace Parking Lot
        - Additional Storage
        - Complete Bus Purchase (4 buses)

        - New Classroom Technology (computers, laptops, projectors)
        - Office Computers
        - Update Phone/Voicemail System
        - HS & MS Performing Arts Centers (AV Systems)
        - Upgrade Servers and Wireless Network

Safety for Students and Staff
  • Improve and/or enhance safe entries for all of our schools. Like schools across the country, we have been modifying safety protocols and safeguards at each of our school buildings over the past years. In some cases, the solution to provide a maximum level of safe entry will require some extensive remodeling. In other cases, minor adjustments and updates will bring the school to that maximum level. 
Operational Savings
  • Upgrades and replacement of outdated infrastructure items including boilers and lighting equipment provides relief for the operating budget. Technological Advancements in areas like lighting, cooling, and heating has resulted in equipment that is run more efficiently and cost effective. MAKES SENSE/CENTS: savings for our operating budget.
  • We are currently leasing some of the buses in our transportation fleet - the cost of the lease is an expense out of our operating budget. MAKES SENSE/CENTS: the purchase of four buses will eliminate that expense against the budget.
  • Purchase of materials and items necessary for the classroom, including technology, that are not paid for by the bond will have to come out of the operating budget. The budget cannot absorb an expense of $6 million to cover necessary technology upgrades without significantly impacting everything else needed for the students. MAKES SENSE/CENTS: to keep money in the classroom, allowable major purchases need to be covered by a bond.
  • Repair and replacement of infrastructure including roofs and parking lots are unavoidable in any school district - they are necessary to ensure safety, efficient use of resources, and to protect the investment by the community. Using bond funds for allowable repair and replacement of parking lots, roofs, and mechanical or electrical upgrades helps ensure that the operating budget doesn't become taxed in the event of an infrastructure emergency which could result from lack of timely maintenance. MAKES SENSE/CENTS: keeps repair and replacement costs from taxing the operating budget.