Strategic Plan Materials and Resources

Strategic Planning Information Session Presentation Materials
(Fall, 2015)
Avondale Vital Statistics - click here
Yong Zhao - World Class Learners (video) - click here
Tony Wagner - TED Talk (video) - click here
The Future of Work (video) - click here
Best Jobs of 2014 - U.S. News & World Reports (video) - click here
Millennials 101 with Paul Taylor - click here

Avondale School District administration has been collecting data from parents, staff and community members as part of the Strategic Planning process for several months.
  • Click here to view the results of the Cobalt Community Research survey (used to gather parent and community input).
  • Click here to view the results of the ASD Employee Engagement and Priority Assessment (used to gather staff member input).
  • Click here to view the summary of the January 23rd discussion of Vision, Mission and Beliefs Statements.
  • Click here to view the summary of "Think Sheets" collected at the Information Meetings in the Fall, 2015, online under the Think Out Loud banner, and at the Community Forum in January, 2016.
Strategic Planning Session 1
March 3, 2016
Download agenda here
March 3rd Resources
  • Dr. Schwarz / Survey Overview - click here
  • John Pagel and BJ McCabe / Elementary Overview - click here
  • Dannon Holley / Middle School Overview - click here
  • Sharon Hyde, Jamie Brooks and Doug Wilson / High School Overview - click here to view a video that was shared
Strategic Planning Session 2
March 10, 2016
Download agenda here
March 10th Resources
  • Marcia Hudson / Avondale OU Partnership - click here
  • Arryn Schneider and Tony Harris / Elementary Enrichment - click here
  • Dannon Holley / Middle School Enrichment - click here
  • Sharon Hyde / High School Additional Ed Opps for Students - click here
  • Keith Gust / Athletics Update - click here
  • Larry Westley / Human Resources - click here
  • Frank Lams / Financial Update - click here
  • Kay Kastran - Special Services - click here
  • Bruce Roosen / Technology - click here