Contact information for the Oakland County Clerk's Office and the four municipal and township clerk's offices that service the citizens that reside within the Avondale School District.

County of Oakland
1200 N. Telegraph Road - Dept. 417
Pontiac, MI 48341
Phone: 248-858-0563

City of Auburn Hills
1827 N. Squirrel Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Phone: 248-370-9402

Bloomfield Township
4200 Telegraph Road
P.O. Box 489
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
Phone: 248-433-7702

City of Rochester Hills

1000 Rochester Hills Drive
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Phone: 248-656-4630

City of Troy
500 W. Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48084
Phone: 248-524-3317 

Guidelines for Campaigning at 
Avondale School District
Facilities and Events


Campaigning for public office can be an exciting and challenging undertaking.  Even in these days of emails, voice mails, web pages, cell phones and all the other outcomes of the information age, it sometimes seems that communicating a message or a position is actually more difficult than ever before.  Additionally, many have found that face-to-face dialogue is still the most effective method of persuasion.  Given this, it is understandable that candidates for local Board of Education seats would want to be present at schools and school events to speak with constituents who are usually most interested in such elections.

This is why the Avondale School District is providing the enclosed guidelines that candidates should observe when planning campaign initiatives at Avondale School District facilities or events.  Also included are Avondale School District Policies that provide the foundation for our guidelines and practices relating to campaigning on school property. 

Please understand that these guidelines are not intended to deny candidates their right to campaign, but rather to ensure legal, fair, and consistent access for all candidates, without disrupting the educational environment or process for students.

If you have questions regarding these guidelines you may contact the Avondale School District, Superintendent's Office at (248) 537-6002.

Election Day guidelines:
As mentioned above, there are laws that specifically describe what is legal or not for candidates and campaign activity at polling locations on Election Day.  These laws are directed to behavior at precinct locations. For precinct locations for Avondale voters, please contact your local municipalities.  Numbers are listed above.

Campaigning is not permitted within 100 feet of the precinct location.  The Election Inspectors are responsible for overseeing this rule and are very familiar with what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.   Principals or district employees will not get involved.

Candidate campaign signs can be placed on school property - at the precinct locations only - as long as it is outside of the 100-foot boundary.

Campaign concerns outside of school facilities or property:

The different municipalities supervise numerous guidelines regarding sign placement, door-to door solicitation, etc. The district will not get involved in these concerns and candidates or citizens should contact the municipal clerk's offices regarding these matters.

During school hours:
There will be no campaigning permitted in Avondale School District facilities during school hours.  Candidates and their supporters, staff included, are not to be within the school buildings distributing campaign literature or participating in other activities that constitute campaigning.

Citizens can wear promotional buttons and clothing supporting candidates within the school building; however, they are not allowed to be campaigning.  Meeting with a teacher, picking up or dropping off their student, etc. is not to be interpreted as campaigning.  Handing out campaign literature is campaigning.

Staff is not permitted to wear buttons or clothing that supports a candidate while they are working or during school hours.

School equipment, office space, etc. cannot be used for candidates to display or make available campaign literature.  Even if the school had copies of promotional materials from all the candidates available in the office or library, for example, this is not permitted.  The only campaign or candidate information that can be made available and displayed is publications from and phone numbers of candidates can be posted and made available for citizens to use to contact the candidate personally. An interested citizen can then contact the candidates personally. 

Campaigning in the parking lots and on school grounds during school hours is not permitted. 

Again, if a citizen has on a promotional button or clothing, or if their vehicle has promotional signs, this is permitted as long as the person is not campaigning and in the case of the vehicle, it is parked legally.

Candidates cannot place campaign promotional signs on any school property, except as noted below at precincts on Election Day.

Finally, in light of the fact that we are still under a heightened safety alert in our country, candidates and their campaign staff should be reminded that Principals will continue to utilize the precautionary building access and visitor sign-in processes that have been established as part of their overall school safety procedures.  Candidates and their staff will be expected to observe these procedures. 

After school hours:
Campaigning by candidates and their supporters, including staff members, is permitted in district facilities, on school property, and at school events before and after school hours. 

Note: campaigning that disrupts the event is not permitted.
Candidates are encouraged to have the common courtesy of contacting event organizers or event hosts and advise them of their intent to be present. Legally this is not a requirement but it makes good sense.  Prior contact can provide the principal or the event organizer an opportunity to accommodate the candidate(s) and ensure the events or activities are not disrupted.  

Campaign promotional materials, such as fliers, signs, banners, etc., must be removed after the event, prior to the next school day. 

One very important point: It is our commitment to offer all candidates the same access, if sought, and our staff and/or the event organizers cannot show partisan treatment.