AVONDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                 2940 WAUKEGAN STREET
                                  AUBURN HILLS, MI  48326
                                             (248) 537-6000

                            BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETINGS

August 1, 2016Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
August 15, 2016Regular Meeting    Administration Offices  
September 6, 2016*Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
September 19, 2016Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
October 3, 2016Regular Meeting    R. Grant Graham Elementary  
October 17, 2016Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
November 7, 2016 Regular Meeting     Woodland Elementary  
November 21, 2016Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
December 5, 2016 Regular Meeting     Avondale Academy 
December 19, 2016Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
January 9, 2017*Organizational Meeting     Avondale High School  
January 23, 2017*Regular Meeting    Administration Offices 
February 6, 2017Regular Meeting    Deerfield Elementary 
February 20, 2017Regular Meeting     Administration Offices
March 6, 2017 Regular Meeting     Auburn Elementary 
March 20, 2017Regular Meeting     Administration Offices
April 10, 2017* Regular Meeting     Avondale Middle School 
April 24, 2017*Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
May 1, 2017Regular Meeting    Administration Offices  
May 15, 2017Regular Meeting    Administration Offices 
June 5, 2017Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 
June 19, 2017Regular Meeting     Administration Offices 

The public is invited and encouraged to attend
Avondale Board of Education meetings.  

The Board recognizes the value to school governance 
of public comment on education matters.

During the meeting, there is designated time for 
the public to address the Board.
The Avondale Board of Education meetings
are typically held the first and third
Monday of the month at 7pm, 
in the Board Meeting Room: 

Avondale Administrative Offices
2940 Waukegan Street
Auburn Hills, MI  48326-3264


* = variance from 1st and 3rd Mondays
Adopted 6/1/15