Avondale Education Foundation
2940 Waukegan Street
Auburn Hills, MI  48326
(248) 537-6007
Our Mission
The Avondale Education Foundation's mission is to support student development, promote excellence through creative teaching and foster community/school partnerships by securing and allocating financial and other resources to create and/or expand education related enrichment projects and programs offered throughout the Avondale School District.

The Avondale Education Foundation is a non-profit organization helping support the Avondale School District.

2016-2017 Board of Directors
Annette McAvoy, President
John Savio, VP of Fund Development
Kevin Smith, VP of Projects
Tina Abbate-Marzolf, Secretary
Joe Pia, Treasurer
James V. Schwarz, Ph.D. Avondale School District Superintendent
Don Ingersoll, Ex-Officio
Sid Blomberg
Katharine Clar
Andrea Yamarino


Ford Drive One 4UR School: Program allows Ford Motor Company and Huntington Ford of Rochester Hills to partner with the Foundation and local community members to "get behind the wheel" of the new Ford vehicles and raise funds for the Avondale School District by test-driving an eligible Ford product. Watch for our next drive coming Spring, 2018!

The A Train Show:
 Climb aboard for a great day of family fun celebrating all things "train".

Hat Day:
For a $1.00 donation, students have the chance to wear a special hat to school for a day.  


  • Thomas and Jayne Shearer Educational: Provides scholarships to students who are interested in a teaching career and supports summer reading programs.
  • S.T.R.I.V.E. (Scholarship to Recognize Individuals Valuing Education): Provides scholarships to students with a grade point average between 2.0 and 3.0 who are motivated to further their education.
  • Thumbprint Studio, Mary Lou Jones Memorial: The Thumbprint Studio is a community-based Art enrichment studio at Auburn Elementary and supported by the Avondale/Oakland University Partnership.
  • Janet Davison Visual Arts Scholarship: Provides scholarships to the first-place winners of the annual Senior Art Exhibition.
  • Michael Carter Soccer Scholarship: Provides annual scholarships to students involved in soccer.
  • Schodowski Art Scholarship: Provides scholarships for AHS Art students to continue their study in the field of Art after graduation.
  • Fine Arts Designated Fund
  • Choir Program Designated Fund
  • Instrumental Music Designated Fund
  • Robotics Designated Fund
  • Athletic Fund
  • Endowment Funds


All Girls MS Robotics Team
Super Heroes Unite!
Apps for Autism
Education Games for Summer Busy Bees
ESL iPads
Bouncing for Success
Bridge Buddies
Avondale Academy College Readiness
Girls on the Run
Special Services Calming Swing
VEX Robotics Team
Math Skill Building Web Program
Special Olympics Track Suits
Poetry Notebooks
ESL Parent Connect Program
Elementary Playworks
Reading Program
High School Art Workshop
SKILL Farmers Market Project
Bringing History Alive
Elementary Touch Tank
Gel Boards
Special Needs Toy Lending Library
Elementary Science Kits


Who runs the Avondale Education Foundation?
A volunteer Board of Directors that represent the Avondale community are responsible for determining mission driven activities, setting program policy, raising and distributing funds, and program oversight and development.

How can I help?
You can help continue the work of the foundation when you: (1) Make a donation; (2) Volunteer to participate in committee, fundraising activities, or as a member of the Board of Directors; (3) Identify new opportunities for partnerships with local businesses and individuals; and (4) Spread the word to friends and family about the mission of the Avondale Education Foundation.

How can I be sure my money goes where I designate?
General donations and/or donations that are designated to a specific scholarship or activity fund are gratefully accepted. The Foundation will also accept designated contributions to initiate new, innovative programs provided the donation is in line with the mission and authorized by the Board of Directors. The Foundation operates under strict state guidelines using internal control procedures and securing an annual independent audit.

Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes, the Avondale Education Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible.
In the early 1990s community leaders and the Avondale School District believed that there were businesses, organizations and citizens that would be inclined to help enrich the Avondale school experience if there was a way for them to do that. 

Schools are not classified as "charities" under the IRS tax code, so it was impossible to make tax-deductible donations to schools.  In addition, there was a fear that potential donors would feel that direct donations to the District might just be absorbed into the budget, rather than providing special benefits over and above the "normal" program.
With this in mind, an ad hoc community-based group, assisted by the District, evaluated potential options, and created the Avondale Education Foundation (AEF) in 1992 as a 501(c) 3 charity. From the beginning, the AEF has sought to create an environment in which students and staff can dream and have reasonable hope that their dreams can come true.

Since it's founding, the AEF has raised over $200,000 for scholarships, grants and special projects for Avondale students.  But beyond the monetary donations, our kids have had their dreams advanced with scholarships, life-changing experiences and creative learning opportunities.  Teachers have also advanced their dreams of creating new ways to trigger kids' imaginations and get them excited about learning.

Over 170 grants have been awarded, enabling dreamers to dream even during difficult economic times.  Every grade and building in the school district has been touched, as well as future kindergarteners and students with special needs.

Life without dreams is dull.  Life without dreamers monotonous.  The Foundation won't let that happen.

Don Ingersoll
Founding Member, Historian