Class of 2010 and Later:  Order Transcripts Through Parchment
Avondale High School utilizes Parchment™, Education’s Trusted Intermediary to provide transcript delivery service for students who graduated in the year 2010 and beyond. 

Graduates must submit transcript request with Parchment when applying for college, the military, or a scholarship program that requires transcripts. It’s faster and safer and you can access the system online 24/7 from anywhere!

Visit and create a profile. Once your profile is created, you will be able to review and make your selection from the list of participating organizations. PLEASE NOTE: The list of participating organizations changes regularly. Payment is made online and fees vary depending upon the college to which you’re applying.  There is no fee for most Michigan schools at this time.

If the college you are applying to does not participate at the time of your request, please contact Ms. Kathleen Haney at Avondale High School (248.537.6106) directly for further assistance.

2009 Graduates and Earlier:  Requesting a Transcript

For students who graduated in 2009 and earlier, transcript requests continue to be fulfilled by Avondale High School.

Transcript Requests are $5.00 each. Please complete the
TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM (Click Here) and mail your transcript request and payment to: Avondale High School, 2800 Waukegan, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 ATTN: Transcript Request

You may pay with a check or money order payable to Avondale High School or use PaySchools.
Drop-in requests cannot be accommodated. 

  • Please allow at least five business days to process requests.
  • You must request your own transcript if you are 18 years old.  Avondale High School cannot release a transcript to anyone without your permission.
  • Include the name on your transcript (your maiden name, for example).
  • Include your date of birth.
  • Include your telephone number, including area code.
  • Include the address where you need the transcript mailed. Official transcripts cannot be mailed to the student. Transcripts must be sent directly from Avondale High School to the college, university, employer, etc. 

Please call (248) 537-6106 if you have questions.  Be prepared to provide your name at the time you attended Avondale High School, graduation year, current address and current telephone number. For additional questions or information, please email Ms. Cynthia Orman below:

There is a $5 fee for Companies who are requesting Verification of Graduation for Employment.  Employment requests must have a signed released attached.  Please fill out and print the form below and mail your request to: Avondale High School, 2800 Waukegan, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 ATTN: Guidance Office.
Please include a check or money order for the total amount made payable to: Avondale High School
  •   Please allow at least five business days to process requests:
  •   Include the name (maiden)
  •   Include the date of birth
  •   Telephone number plus area code
If you have any questions, please call 248-537-6106